Why the warehousing market in Kyrgyzstan expects the explosive growth

The Batyr Logistics Center, the project of Wildberries, and other facilities will support the vigorous growth of Kyrgyzstan's trade turnover. Stanislav Akhmedzyanov (IBC Global) explained how parallel imports opened new prospects for country development,

Like other republics in Central Asia, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan is acutely short for the up-to-date logistics infrastructure. The country with the seven million population has less than 50 thou. sq. m of high-quality warehousing area. And all this stock is concentrated within the metropolitan agglomeration. And only one Class A warehousing center.

But in the two coming years, the situation must change fundamentally. The commissioning of two large logistic parks and several smaller facilities was announced. The implementation of these projects will offer the domestic market participants vast opportunities for business growth and will give a boost to the further development of warehousing centers development.

The potential of Kyrgyzstan as a strategic transportation hub is enormous and undeniable. All experts in the industry agree on this point. There are several objective factors that act in favor of the Republic.